John Shearer Drums

I loved working with John, and he was immensely popular with audiences. He was a tremendous showman. We recorded the solo at the end of "Clocks" within a large studio facility in Holland (Phonogram Studios in Hilversum) and I think we had every mic in the place going on there. We used to call the drum sound "elephants", because if you got anywhere near the kit you felt as if you were being trampled by elephants, because he had a double bass set in those days. Really, he was the first full-time drummer I was working with for my solo stuff. I was very proud of that early band and the album we made, Spectral Mornings. It was a great thrill for me to walk out of Genesis into an era of potential insecurity and be able to work with great players like that.

Steve Hackett (Genesis)

I first met John in the early 90s when I was cutting my teeth on the corporate band circuit, he absolutely blew me away with his playing, I remember as a young aspiring pro sat behind him thinking I had so much to learn. I studied with him for a while to get a plan and sort my playing out and looking back now I'm so glad I did, He stripped everything back and started from scratch. I'm always glad I got to study with John, you simply cannot beat learning from someone that's been there, seen it and done it.

Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson)

I can't speak highly enough about John and EVERYTHING I learned from him. He taught me not only how to play drums, but how to feel drums. How to implement the drummer's lifestyle into everything I did. His education served as the solid springboard I needed to venture into this business called 'music'. I'm truly grateful!

Jamie Wollam (Michael Jackson, Jackson Browne, Tears for Fears)

Wow where do I start? I first caught sight of the mighty John at reading rock fest in 1979, he was exactly the sort of drummer I aspired to be (a technical headbanger shall we say!!) fast forward to London 1986 and after a few failed rock star attempts I decided to change course and get into sessions / teaching, general drummer for hire. So when John advertised I thought let's meet the man - boy what a shock!! I crawled out of that 1st lesson thinking I big time need to practice!!! Fast forward to May 17th 1991 I handed in the transit courier van keys and turned pro I've been there ever since - teaching, sessions, depping and many bands recently deeply purple - clubs, Russia, Poland and depping for purplezepplin in the theatres all immensely rewarding and fun! Never a week goes by without some reference to John's inspirational teaching from paradiddle - diddles to well method and how to help my hundreds of students rock n roll.

Pete O'connell

John is a fantastic teacher who truly inspires the children through his teaching technique. It didn't take my son long at all to pick up the basics and he is already moving on to complicated beats. John makes drums fun!

Alison Maslen

John taught our six year old son drums over a 6 month period and was a great teacher. Not only did he get him playing drum fills which sounded amazing, he did it in a way where he injected lots of fun into the lesson too. He loved having his lessons with John and I'd recommend him to all!

Michelle & Dan Geach

Our son Louis has been taught by John for over 3 years. John's passion for drumming has inspired Louis and his fun but professional approach has ensured Louis is not only motivated to learn but a confident, skilled drummer who loves to entertain!

Caroline and Andy Dolby

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